Al Ezz Steel Rebars (EZZ Steel)
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10 40mm diameters.
6 24 meter lengths.
Produced according to Egyptian Standards as deformed bars (ES 262/2009 Gr. 300, Gr. 350, Gr. 400, Gr. 420 and Gr. 500 with ductility class A, B, C and D weldable and non-weldable steel) and as plain bars (ES 262/2009 Gr. 240, Gr. 300 and Gr. 420 with ductility class A, B, C and D weldable and non-weldable steel).
Produced to order to American Standards as deformed bars (ASTM A615 A/M Gr. 40 and Gr. 60 non-weldable steel) and (ASTM A706 A/M Gr. 60 weldable steel).
Produced to order to British Standards (BS 4449/1997 Gr. 250, Gr. 460B and Gr. 460C) and (BS 4449/2005 Gr. B500B and Gr. B500C).
Produced to order to French, Spanish, Ukraine, German and ISO Standards.
Diameter Lengths
Rebar 10mm to 40mm 6m to 24m
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