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Ezz Steel, competition and competition law compliance

Our belief in free and fair competition, unhindered by restrictive practices and unnecessary barriers to trade

Ezz Steel’s commitment to supplying high quality products, providing excellent customer service and dealing with our trading partners professionally and fairly are cornerstones of our commercial success to-date. Underpinning that success is our firm belief in free and fair competition in steel markets, unhindered by restrictive practices and unnecessary barriers to trade. It is competition which intensifies our drive to provide our customers with the unparalleled service, product quality and value they have come to expect.

Compliance with domestic and foreign competition laws is our priority

Ezz Steel actively prioritizes and insists upon full group compliance with domestic and international competition law requirements. Our starting point is strict adherence to the high legal standards required under the Egyptian Competition Law. Passed in 2005, the law prohibits anti-competitive dealings between competitors and between a firm and any of its clients or suppliers. Additional conduct prohibitions are imposed on firms holding a dominant market position.

Adopting a no-compromise approach: the steps we take to achieve full compliance

Supported by senior management and drawing from best international practice, Ezz Steel has established clear structures and processes to instill and embed a no-compromise compliance culture across the group. Through bespoke training, guidance and other compliance initiatives, we ensure that all Ezz Steel employees are made aware of and comply fully with the high compliance standards we set ourselves. Departures from our compliance policy are never tolerated. And by promoting our values to and expecting the same from those with whom we deal, we ensure that compliance risks arising from outside the group are properly managed.


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