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Ezz Steel Sadat City: Efficient rebar manufacturing

Sadat City

The Ezz Steel mini-mill in Sadat City – Ezz Steel Co. – has a production capacity of 1 million tons of rebar per year. The steelmaking facilities at the plant include an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) which is fed with 80% DRI mixed with 20% high-grade steel scrap, a billet caster, and two rolling mills where billets are reheated and rolled into rebar.

Sadat City

Rolling mill 1 features a 60-ton per hour billet reheating furnace and 16 in-line, quick-change mill stands. Rolling mill 2 features an 80-ton per hour billet reheating furnace and 18 in-line, quick-change mill stands. Both mills include a 66-meter cooling bed and product cold shears to cut bars to the requested length. An automated stacker and associated handling facilities enable efficient product dispatch and shipping.

Auxiliary equipment on site includes a power substation, three water treatment plants, two oxygen plants and three automatic generators.


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